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  I choose Chez Ami because when my kids wear them they look like little kids! My little girl is 6 and a lot of the clothes in her size from other brands look way too old for her. My baby boy is 8 months old and I love that I can get bubbles and shortalls from Chez Ami that make him look like a baby. -HEATHER   Pell City, A
  The styles are so classic! I'm amazed at how many brands try to make my 2- and 5-year old daughters look like teenagers!! I love the simple, classic styles of Chez Ami that let them look like KIDS (and well-dressed kids, at that)! -JESSICA   Raleigh,NC
  The clothes are beautiful and so well made. My daughter always receives compliments when she wears Chez Ami, no matter if it's the first or the 10th time she's worn it. I also love the fact that Chez Ami is based out of North Carolina -MISTY   Myrtle Beach, SC
  The durability of the clothing is unmatched! The clothes wash and wear wonderfully, I have always been able to "hand-me-down" all of the clothing. The swim wear lines are tops, hold up to long summers of pools and sunshine. -KIMBERLY   Rienzi, MS
  I love classic children's clothing, which is hard to find these days! Chez Ami has exactly what I am looking for every time. My son looks precious - he can run and play in them without me worrying about them wearing out. -CAROLYN   Memphis, TN
  I love Chez Ami because my nine year old and I agree on clothes! It is so hard at this age to find clothing that is appropriate, stylish & comfortable. -CINDY   Wilmington, NC
  It represents quality AND cuteness! The style of clothing is timeless and my girls (ages 10 and 11) like the styles, plus they still look like young ladies and not miniature adults in Chez Ami clothes. The quality can't be beat either...we have inherited and shared our Chez Ami plenty of times and it always looks great! -KATHTYN   Auburn,AL
  I have been buying Chez Ami for eight years now! The swimsuits are always a must for us each summer because they are adorable and very durable! -KAYLA   Lexington, KY