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It is true. We no longer design and sell our children's apparel. 

We are now proud to offer to you our exclusive sewing patterns and embroidery files for children's apparel ~ designs that have performed the test of time, fit, and durability, in a downloadable digital format.  Make it today!

From our very first garments designed in 1979 to the very last in 2014, it was a labor of love. Lots of labor...fabric design, sourcing, manufacturing, pattern-making, fit, software, marketing, websites, photo-shoots, catalogs, embroidery, shipping, retail stores, Chez Ami home parties... a magic journey that lasted for 35 years!  It was time, to take a deep breath, and re-invent our treasured family business!

Create the children's look you loved! 
      Joel and Patsy Aiken