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On a Wing and A Prayer!

If you know us, you know how much we love what we do!  

I was just reviewing our first Chez Ami catalog for an upcoming 'blog' about the children who appeared in our catalogs and where they are now!  Once again, I was amazed as I reviewed the more than 10,000 styles we have designed in these 35 years. No wonder we sleep good at night!

An incredible staff of people came together to make this party happen!  And we are certain that every one of them, past and present, would admit that we practiced a healthy dose of 'winging it'!  

'Winging it' is definitely underrated!  It is NOT lack of planning!  It's being able to react, improvise, adjust, and not panic, as the plans change, almost hourly!  We look forward to sharing the experiences that have shaped our little company and its heart.

Patsy and Joel

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